The Film Crew shoots in the Mojave Desert

Book cover for Off-Road novel. An off-road truck races through the sand in the Mojave Desert.
Tessa Warren’s Film Crew

One phone call jolts young Tessa Warren out of her black-and-white, home-alone life. She spent two years mourning the tragic death of her filmmaker brother.

The phone call catapults her into a crazy Labor Day weekend making a film of an off-road race in the searing heat of the Mojave Desert with classmates Eric Pyne and Lyndie Reed. Making the film will give Tessa a perfect opportunity to continue her brother’s work.

But bent-on-violence environmental protestor Rachel Stott intends to sabotage the race and Tessa’s film in an effort to save the habitat of the desert tortoise. Rachel’s actions threaten the teens’ project, and their lives.

After the disastrous weekend, as they fall back into high school life, and struggle to piece together their film, Tessa’s heart cracks open to reveal her own role in her brother’s death.

An exciting adventure. A short read for busy readers. Get it here.

VW Class 11