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shortfiction24 – morning sun

What I’m Writing This Week I find Edward Hopper’s paintings thought- provoking. This week I used Morning Sun as inspiration for a short story. Lori Hines finds freedom in the warmth of a morning sun. Back in May of 2021, I had used another Hopper painting, A Day on the Cape, for inspiration. Here’s the […]

Mannequin Monday – Out of Sight

This week I clothe the bare form with words I wrote 10 years ago. What I’m Writing I’d like to share a writing exercise I found this week from an old notebook. It’s dated October 24, 2011. The writing prompt was “Out of sight, out of mind.” It clearly needs polishing, but I will post […]

Mannequin Monday – Help me. Please!

Distance runner Maggie Murano spends her first night in rehab after knee surgery. And quotes from a book I finished reading this week. Welcome back to Mannequin Monday. Draping the blank form with the beauty of words. What I’m Writing Another story bite, this one a first night in a rehab facility. Enjoy a moment […]

Mannequin Monday – This can’t be fixed.

Our mannequin carries a heavy burden this week, clothed in grief, little consolation from words of wisdom. Only a couple of sentences to light the way: “Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.” What I’m Writing This Week I offer you another story bite, “The Talk of People in the […]

Mannequin Monday – Ah, forgive me

An elegant restaurant, a special date…and it all goes downhill after meeting the chef. A tale of aversions. My current story bite. This week I’m re-reading a book I first discovered almost 40 years ago: The Outermost House, by Henry Beston. He spent a full year on a Cape Cod beach over 90 years ago. […]

Mannequin Monday – Two Sisters, Two Strangers

Mannequin Monday – Two Sisters, Two Strangers “You can’t put life on a piece of paper. Or love.” A mother facing death in the concentration camps writes to her daughter Rose, who escaped to America. This week Mannequin Monday explores the play A Shayna Maidel, by Barbara Lebow. We dress our mannequin with the power […]

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