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shortfiction24 – bridle path

This week I’ll pass on my usual short story post. I’m sharing instead a tiny scrap of memoir, inspired by Edward Hopper’s 1939 painting Bridle Path. I’ve long been a fan of Hopper’s art, yet I know little of his life or the extent of his work. I came across Bridle Path by accident on […]

shortfiction24 – morning sun

What I’m Writing This Week I find Edward Hopper’s paintings thought- provoking. This week I used Morning Sun as inspiration for a short story. Lori Hines finds freedom in the warmth of a morning sun. Back in May of 2021, I had used another Hopper painting, A Day on the Cape, for inspiration. Here’s the […]

shortfiction24 – a meditation lost

The grinding of a landscaper’s wood chipper conjures images of horror movies in Carl’s mind as he attempts to do a morning meditation. Everyone who meditates can appreciate how distraction seeps in to destroy the moment. Enjoy the story. A Meditation Lost Bob Gillen Carl sits in the center of his living room in the […]

shortfiction24 – Ashley plans for her transition

Searching for a college is a daunting task for Ashley. A poor GPA and an upcoming gender transition narrow her choices dramatically. College night at her high school is a bleak experience until she meets an unlikely possibility. Ashley Plans For Her Transition Bob Gillen Megan pulled her Prius into a spot in the school’s […]

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