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shortfiction24 – bridle path

This week I’ll pass on my usual short story post. I’m sharing instead a tiny scrap of memoir, inspired by Edward Hopper’s 1939 painting Bridle Path. I’ve long been a fan of Hopper’s art, yet I know little of his life or the extent of his work. I came across Bridle Path by accident on […]

shortfiction24 – morning sun

What I’m Writing This Week I find Edward Hopper’s paintings thought- provoking. This week I used Morning Sun as inspiration for a short story. Lori Hines finds freedom in the warmth of a morning sun. Back in May of 2021, I had used another Hopper painting, A Day on the Cape, for inspiration. Here’s the […]

shortfiction24 – Ashley plans for her transition

Searching for a college is a daunting task for Ashley. A poor GPA and an upcoming gender transition narrow her choices dramatically. College night at her high school is a bleak experience until she meets an unlikely possibility. Ashley Plans For Her Transition Bob Gillen Megan pulled her Prius into a spot in the school’s […]

shortfiction24 – not ready for us yet

This past May we left the spirits of Vinny and Lewis tangled together after their cremated ashes were intermingled at the crematorium. They are struggling to separate and continue their journeys to the next world. Nothing has worked so far. Here’s the link to the original story. Enjoy their further escapades. I should note that […]

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