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new book cover of dune buggy racing in Mojave Desert sands

Off-Road is the first in the Film Crew series. Next up will be Surfrider. Each book will be a short read. A fun adventure that I hope will spark enthusiasm for reading. Inspiration for this model comes in part from author James Patterson’s BookShots series. Easy reads to spark interest in books.

My Fiction

A Twin Long Gone

Cabe Wray drove home from the airport after walking away from his job and career. On the drive his smile grew wider with each mile. Time to right his life. He will reinvest himself in the search for his long-lost twin sister Gail.

book cover for A Twin Long GoneNow 61, Wray prided himself on his accomplishments. Most of them, anyway. Selling technology products came naturally to him. Finding his sister was another matter.

After years of fruitless effort searching for Gail, Wray takes the advice of a friend and hires Arturo Fonseca, a film director, and Kelsey Graf, an actor, to create an Internet video that may help Wray find Gail.

Fonseca brings passion to the project – a passion bordering on blind drive. And Graf immerses herself so deeply she almost becomes the woman they search for.

What Wray does not anticipate – how the filmmaking will tear his heart open… and reveal his own role in Gail’s disappearance.

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Buried Lies: A Play 

When young Sean Doyle makes a video about his long-dead father, he unleashes the deep-seated anger of his mother, Clare Doyle. The video brings him face to face with his father’s former lover. The old hostilities between his mother and the former lover rage on while Sean loses his dream of attending film school in New York. The former lover leads Sean to know his father.

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My Non-Fiction Titles on Filmmaking

Understanding Digital Storytelling: Teaching Filmmaking

Filmmaking educator guide: image of camera on tripod

The second edition of Understanding Digital Storytelling: Teaching Filmmaking offers you, the media production teacher, these benefits:

  • A semester-long program with 12 teaching units
  • A guide to help you learn the required technology
  • Information on cameras, gear and accessories
  • Syllabus and curriculum outlines
  • Forms, handouts and checklists
  • Suggested student activities

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Filmmaking Basics

book cover

Every story needs a beginning, a middle, and an end. Start strong. Jump right in to the story. You don’t have a lot of time. Start at the last possible moment, make us care for your characters, and hold our attention for the span of the film. Then end it.

Learn from 11 filmmaking pros.

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