Here are all of my free short stories, over 80 and counting. They are listed in the order in which I posted them to my blog. The stories share themes of healing, mortality, loss, vulnerability, adventure. And quirkiness.

My Shoe is on the Roof

posted 3/15/23

Heaven Ain’t All Joy

posted 3/8/23

Voiced by a Lesbian Comic

posted 3/1/23

No More Regrets

posted 2/22/23

A Soldier’s Wife

posted 2/9/23

Boogie Woogie Resting Place

posted 1/25/23

Chasing Freedom on a City Bus

posted 1/18/23

Stuck in a Sunbaked Rut

posted 1/11/23

Two Strikes

posted 1/4/23

Bridle Path

posted 11/16/22

Not Ready For Us Yet

posted 11/2/22

Fire on Ice

posted 10/26/22

James, Still Invisible

posted 10/19/22

Too Small for the Backhoe

posted 10/13/22

Jam the Axle

posted 10/5/22

Mi Volvo Es Muy Mal

posted 9/27/22

My Bag Is Packed

posted 9/21/22

Just Another Movie Shoot

posted 9/13/22

A Rosary of Names


Torn and Shredded


The Flatbed Ford

posted 7/6/22

Why Am I Doing This

posted 6/29/22

Shaping a Story


State Property

posted 5/31/22

Out of the Game

posted 5/18/22

Morning Sun

posted 5/11/22

My Dance Space

posted 5/4/22

The Amber Alert

posted 4/26/22

The Day After


Reduce By Half

posted 4/12/22

Sweet Beginnings

posted 4/5/22

Losing Maxine

posted 3/29/22

The Goat Movie

posted 3/22/22

Our Last Downhill Run

posted 3/15/22

Skeletons in a Snowbank

posted 3/9/22

Milo in Paris

posted 2/27/22

The Trap Door

posted 2/21/22

A New Morning

posted 2/14/22

Single Again

posted 2/2/22

A Third Date

posted 1/26/22

Half a Keyboard

posted 1/11/22

A Visit to the Zoo

posted 1/3/22


The Second Date

posted 12/9/21

Death By Millstone

posted 11/30/21

A Hard Frost