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Hi and welcome. Glad to have you here.

I love film, books, storytelling.

I am a writer late to the fiction scene. For most of my life I’ve written non-fiction: magazine interviews, web content, website publisher, educational material, and blogs. About 20 years ago I took a course in writing for children. That was my first real experience with fiction writing. Honestly, I let it slip. For years I told myself I was not a fiction writer.

But the notion nagged at me. I tried a few stories, a short novel. It didn’t go well. I was still resisting. And then I came back to an old friend – Natalie Goldberg. Reading her Thunder and Lightening taught me how to let go and write story. And here I am, a few years later, still working at it. It gets easier. Not the writing, but letting go of the resistance.

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I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the last 30 years. I was born, raised, graduated college, and lived in New York City prior to my move to LA. With my wife and writing partner, Lynn, I publish a website for young filmmakers and a blog on creating story. We’ve written articles and teacher study guides for national magazines, taught media production to high school seniors for 11 years, and published two ebooks on filmmaking and an article on journalists in combat zones for Amazon Kindle.

Now a full time writer, my second novel, Apart, tells the story of Cabe Wray, a businessman who quits his job and his career to intensify his search for his long-missing twin sister. As Cabe makes a video to help with the search, he discovers his own unwitting role in her disappearance.

Coming soon is the first book in my YA series, The Film Crew, about teens using film and media to find their way in the world.

Check out author Jenny Milchman’s interview with me on her Made It Moment blog. Jenny observed: We talk a lot here on the blog about the self-publishing movement and the way it has opened doors for many writers. What we speak less often about is when one of those doors is in the writer’s own mind. Bob Gillen had to walk through such a door to realize his creative capacities…that he could become one of the creative types he had nurtured and taught during an already prolific career. Helped in his journey by a book we all probably know, Bob has now come out on the other side, and entered a whole new world.

Thanks for being here.


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  1. So nice to see you Mr. Gillen and to know you n Lynn are well. I was just a little girl when you started dating Lynn. My family lived next door. I look forward to reading one of your books; any suggestions for 8th grade-12th grade for read a louds?

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