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Mannequin Monday – What I’m Not Reading

Mannequin Monday – What I’m Not Reading

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We don’t always like the first outfit we try on. The same holds true for dressing our mannequin with words. The first words don’t always suit our taste.

This Mannequin Monday I talk about books I have not finished.

And, as always, I offer you a bit of my own writing, this time the opening chapter from the draft of my next story.

Thanks for joining me this week. And enjoy your holiday.

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Off-Road: A Film Crew Adventure

Coming soon. I am close to finishing the last edit on the opening story in my Young Adult Film Crew series, titled: Off-Road: A Film Crew Adventure.



High school junior Tessa Warren and her friends Lyndie Reed and Eric Vargas set out to film the Cactus 100 off-road race in California’s Mojave Desert. They want to enter the documentary in local youth film festivals. But environmental protestors, out to shut down the race, target Tessa and her friends with a mis-directed hostility that endangers them and their project.

The stories will be short reads posted to Kindle and other websites.

Look for the Film Crew this spring.


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