The joy of making noise! This week our bare mannequin is draped not in words but in a joyous howling. Howling simply because it can.

And I pass on an inspiring quote from Agnes De Mille in a letter to Martha Graham.

What I’m Writing This Week

I’m sharing a 100-word piece I wrote for my writing group. Keeping it short for the holiday weekend. Please enjoy.


image of dog howling

I wish I knew how to howl. Howl properly, like a dog. Like Malachi, the German Shepherd that lives next door. Ventura County fire station #36 sits across the creek from our condo complex. When a quiet day is pierced by a fire truck’s blaring horn and screaming siren, Malachi replies from his second-floor patio. A long, high-pitched howl, with a short gravelly decay. Then another. I’ve seen him do this, tail wagging in what I assume is the pure joy of making noise. Is pure joy possible without making noise?

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